Spur Line Creative

Coming Fall 2024!

About Us

Spur Line Creative is our take on creative collaboration for Charlotte creatives! Creativity comes in many forms and through many channels, and our goal at Spur Line is to make it all happen together. Are you an artist looking to work along other local artists? Are you a visionary looking for a place where your ideas can come to reality? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a place you can call home base? Spur Line is the place for you!

Right in the happening place of Station West and all it has to offer, we are developing 12,000 square feet of creativity-oriented space with the goal of hosting 20 artists, 85 visionaries needing private offices, and 100 entrepreneurs looking for a place to work and collaborate with like-minded creatives. We envision Spur Line to have both open and private collaborative spaces for artists and entrepreneurs. Comfortable and practical furnishings, technology, reservable meeting spaces, hot desks, and lockers are all part of our vision for Spur Line. 

What are we missing? YOU! 

Our target open date is Fall 2024. Contact us to inquire further and be the first to get updates!

919 Berryhill Rd. Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28208

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